Can I specify default settings for the proband's country of residence and mutation search sensitivities?

Yes, a default country of residence for the proband can be specified in the User Preferences window (select the Preferences button at the top of the CanRisk Tool web page to open this window). For example, if “Sweden” is specified in the User Preferences window, breast/ovarian cancer risks will then be computed using Swedish cancer incidence rates. On logging back into the CanRisk Tool at a later date, the proband’s country of residence will automatically be set to “Sweden“ by default.

Default mutation search sensitivities can also be specified for the high and intermediate risk genes (BRCA1, BRCA2 and others) in the User Preferences window. On logging back back into the CanRisk Tool at a later date, these mutation search sensitivities will also be set by default.

Please note that User Preferences settings are saved in the browser storage on your own computer. So if you wish to use the CanRisk Tool on a different computer at a later date, you will need to set them again on that machine.