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Web-Services provides provide programmatic access to the BOADICEA Model (to compute breast and ovarian cancer risk modelscancer risks) and the Ovarian Cancer Model.

Patient identifiable data is are not needed required to run the risk calculations, and the client software should remove names to de-identify the data before submitting the request to the web-service.

To avoid possible slowdown of the CanRisk tool Tool website, it is requested we request that users of the web-services submit only small data sets for short periods during the week, and larger data sets over the weekendsweekend. It is best to submit requests to the service intermittently in small batches. Maximum We may apply maximum throttle rates may be applied to the web-service usage services to help manage resources. Please contact us via the CanRisk Helpdesk (E-mail: if you do need to submit large data sets so we can help with scheduling.

All requests to the web-services are made over HTTPS. 

Data is are sent to and from the web-service in JSON format.

An You can request an authentication token can be requested using the ‘auth-token’ web-service and added add it to the request authorisation headers.